About Us

Ankita and Shruti moved to the US on a dependent visa and have sailed in the same boat as other dependent spouses. It took them months to collect relevant information required to bridge the gap in their career and grow in their respective professional fields. They decided to create a platform to educate other spouses about their work and study options while living in the US on a dependent visa. This blog site is an initiative to help spouses utilize their time better and manage the transition in their career smoothly.

Brief introduction of Ankita and Shruti are given below:

ankitaAnkita Kumari earned her engineering degree from Pune university and then pursued her masters at IBS Hyderabad with a degree in Human Resources Management in India. She worked as an HR Manager in Vedanta Aluminium Ltd, a London Stock Exchange listed company in India for two years. After moving to Boston, she has volunteered at Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts, Career Collaborative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Spouse&Partners and is currently pursuing strategic management certificate from Harvard Extension School. The quotation she lives her life by is “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.” She lives her life to the fullest and enjoys reading novels, blogging , exploring new places and net surfing. Her positive attitude towards life is the key ingredients for her happiness.

shruti Shruti Garg earned her Bachelor in Information Technology and Master in Management from India. She started her career working as a Software Engineer in Infosys Technologies Ltd, a multi-billion dollar company. Then her interest in Human Resource Management steered her to become HR Professional in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, a Fortune 500 Company and a navratna PSU of India. She has a four year work experience as an HR Professional. After moving to US, she earned a certificate in Strategic Management from the Harvard University Extension School.  She also served as the Marketing and Tech Officer for the SOS Club (Significant Others of Sloan) at MIT Sloan (the b-school where her spouse pursued a full time MBA degree).  She enjoys learning new things, trying new food, visiting new places and believes in out of the box thinking. Her experiences in life have taught her that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.


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